image 1In May I decided to add hanging plants to my flower garden. I read the labels carefully to make sure I was getting plants that could withstand Full Sun. They were beautiful, full bloomed Verbena. I thought, "Wow! How lovely this is going to look in my front yard."

After a couple of weeks the blooms began to die and the leaves started drying out. I was very disappointed that I might have, once again, made the wrong choice in plants for the area which receives a lot of sun. I had to admit that I hadn't watered the plants every day and maybe they just fired out and were dead. BUT, I had invested too much in these two hanging baskets so I kept watering them. every once in a while I'd see a bloom or two but nothing significant. I kept watering.

I'm so glad I didn't allow my disappointment keep me from caring for these plants. This morning I cut off the dead flowers so I could get a better look at the new blooms that are returning.

What have you invested in that is far more valuable than my two Verbena plants? What have you stopped watering? DON'T GIVE UP! Continue to water your dreams, your relationships, your whatever and wait patiently to see the harvest come to pass.