You may not be on a platform or stage with thousands of people looking up to you or following you. That’s OK. If you have anybody following you, you are still a leader. Be careful that you are leading those who are following you on the right path. You are being held accountable for them.

Sometimes as we are perfecting our leadership, we get very busy on adding to our toolbox of strategies and skills. I want you to consider that sometimes it’s not what we need to add but what we need to get rid of or give up that will allow us to move to a higher level of leadership. Take a moment and think about that.

In John Maxwell’s book, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, he talks about The Law of Sacrifice: A leader must give up to go up. Here are a few quotes from that chapter:

  • “When you become a leader, you lose the right to think about yourself.”
  • As you rise in leadership, responsibilities increase and rights decrease.
  • The higher the level of leadership people want to reach, the greater the sacrifice they will have to make. “


Sometimes we think no one knows that we have hidden issues. They may not know the exact issue but trust me, folks can tell when something just ain’t right. When you eat a salami sandwich just before you attend a meeting, everyone knows you had something strong to eat because the smell lingers. The aroma of our hidden issues exude out of us and keeps us from connecting with people as a leader the way we want to.

So what are some things we might need to get rid of or cut back on in order to be a better leader?

  • Give up time to attend meetings
  • Give up money to invest in training
  • Give up time to practice
  • Give up self-limiting beliefs
  • Give up pride and ego.
  • Give up the need to know everything in advance.
  • Give up being over cautious because of negative experiences.
  • Give up feelings of inadequacy.

Who wants to be a better leader? Then let’s get to work! We cannot lead others until we get ourselves together. Let it go - - - so you can move and grow!

Sandra C. Fink, leadership coach and trainer | ThinkFink Solutions