ThinkFink Solutions helps people reach their true potential through the power of self-discovery.

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About Founder

With a heart for helping youth and mission driven organizations, Sandra brings ThinkFink Solutions to those who need her services the most. A lifelong learner, she continuously stays abreast of the latest industry trends and most current information to deliver innovative workshops, seminars and coaching programs.

For more than thirty-five years, Sandra has been an educator, mentor and coach. She holds a Master of Science degree in Creative Studies and Change Leadership. In addition to her experience, Sandra brings professionalism, integrity and dedication to the organizations she serves.

As a former educator, Sandra is in a unique position to offer leadership and teambuilding solutions to school administration and teachers, as well as classroom assessments and development programs for kids in the classroom.

One of Sandra’s passions is helping today’s youth make healthy choices and increase their academic achievement. She reaches teens by using tools and techniques that encourage interaction and discussion. Through these positive self-discovery experiences, teens are able to explore their own gifts and dreams for the future as well as the importance of attaining a good education and the other practical steps to achieving those dreams.

Sandra will work one on one with church leaders to connect biblical principles to their own development as organizational leaders. Sandra’s extensive experience with ministry allows her to guide church leaders in their discipleship by learning how to uncover and grow the unique gifts their members present. Sandra can also help church leadership discover the power of volunteerism and increase the number and commitment level of volunteers by developing a passion for ministry among membership.

Additionally, Sandra is an Independent Certified John Maxwell Executive Coach & Speaker, trained to deliver John Maxwell content and curriculum. Sandra can present John Maxwell content autonomously, or as a part of a suite of solutions specifically designed for you and your unique needs.

Invite Sandra to speak at your next organizational meeting, facilitate creative problem solving sessions for work groups or develop customized educational packages to meet your specific needs.

Who we are?

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing growth opportunities for individuals and groups through personal development, leadership training and team building. Sandra Fink, our lead coach and facilitator, founded the organization. Our business is dedicated to equip individuals and organizations to reach their creative potential and work efficiently and effectively. We design workshops and seminars in leadership, creativity and innovation for individuals, nonprofit organizations, teens and the church community.

Our Philosophy

With so many consultants in the marketplace offering development workshops and programs, it is difficult to decipher the difference between them. ThinkFink Solutions does not offer a menu of canned workshops or programs. Our focus is on providing the right tools, unique to you, your goals and your challenges. We provide expert service in assessing what the real barriers are to your growth and develop programs to specifically address those challenges. Even if we do not have the expertise to develop a program for a specific area of need, it will still be identified for you and you will either be referred to an outside service provider or counseled on how to find one.

Our Mission

Whatever your goal is for the future, whether it is for your own development or that of your organization, ThinkFink Solutions brings a full toolbox from which to pull together the resources to assist you in reaching your full potential.