Whatever your goal is for the future, whether it is for your own development or that of your organization, ThinkFink Solutions brings a full toolbox from which to pull together the resources to assist you in reaching your full potential.


We offer a variety of learning experiences to meet the needs of each client. Workshops and seminars on a variety of leadership and development topics are offered to the public and for any individual who has the desire to learn and grow. Some topics include, but are not limited to: leadership, creative problem solving, team building, personal growth, and specific leadership development for youth. Training sessions can be presented in a variety of formats and venues, such as: workshops, lunch and learns, retreats, individual coaching and group coaching.

Speaking Engagments

Sandra is available as a keynote speaker for special events such as retreats, conferences, seminars, luncheons and dinners. Invite her to speak at your next organizational meeting, facilitate creative problem solving sessions for work groups or develop customized educational packages to meet your specific needs.

When you want to make a powerful lasting statement, contact ThinkFink Solutions.

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Mastermind Groups Local or Virtual

Specializing in small group coaching sessions called MasterMind Groups. The purpose of a mastermind group is to bring together likeminded people who are dedicated and motivated to making effective and lasting changes to their lives. We move through each lesson and as a group we will bring together our ideas and opinions that will help shape and mold our understanding of the material in a way that is far superior to simply reading a book on your own. We combine all of our minds to becoming a mastermind.

Group Session


FourSight : Your Thinking Profile

A tool for teams to discover how to work with each other more efficiently to innovate and solve problems. Teams discover their strengths and sort through group dynamics to become a cohesive unit, accountable to each other and functioning at the highest level. This tool is useful to:

  • Sharpen leadership skills
  • Improve understanding between married couples, parents and teens
  • Support transformation in organizations and communities

Kaleidoscope Profile

A learning style inventory to be facilitated directly in the classroom or, through a "train-the-trainer" approach. Teachers can learn how to assess their studentsā€™ learning styles and implement teaching techniques to enable students to get the most out of their classroom experience.

Maxwell Leadership Assessment

A 360 degree online assessment tool to gather feedback from you and others around you to assist in identifying your strengths and areas worth improving. The Maxwell Leadership Assessment helps leaders improve their leadership intelligence and become an effective 360 degree leader. Position, Permission, Production, People Development and Pinnacle are the five categories that are scored by you and the family, friends and colleagues that you choose to rate you.