You may not be on a platform or stage with thousands of people looking up to you or following you. That’s OK. If you have anybody following you, you are still a leader. Be careful that you are leading those who are following you on the right path. You are being held accountable for them.


In May I decided to add hanging plants to my flower garden. I read the labels carefully to make sure I was getting plants that could withstand Full Sun. They were beautiful, full bloomed Verbena. I thought, "Wow! How lovely this is going to look in my front yard."

Pittsford Rotary

Sandra C. Fink, Executive Coach of, “ThinkFink Solutions,” was the guest speaker of Pittsford Rotary at their January 9, 2013 weekly morning meeting. She highlighted leadership and communication ideas from the book, “Everyone Communicates Few Connect,” by John C. Maxwell. (Submitted photo by David Boyer).